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(Shark Week)

What is it about Shark Week that makes it such a beloved TV institution? People seriously go nuts over Shark Week. It breaks cable viewership records left and right. It blows up on social networking. How did this happen? And why do people love sharks so much? They tried to eat the Internet!

 This is pretty cute.

For now, the Internet lives on. And the inventor of one of its most hated advertising institutions, the pop-up, has finally come forward with an official apology to the world. His essay is quite good.

Apology, begrudgingly, accepted.

Advertising online has come a long way. With all the myriad social networking sites, apps, and increasingly hypercritical consumers, a simple pop-up advertisement just isn’t going to cut it. How can a brand successfully live on a platform like Snapchat? It’s not easy, but some brands, like Groupon, are getting the hang of it.

And finally, something whimsical to take you into the weekend:

topImage via TechCrunch

Disney + 3D Printing = Magic!

Okay fine, it’s not technically magic, but it looks really freaking cool.