Fusion Marketing Experiential Award

A Super Bowl Celebration with Bud Light

Fusion Marketing Experiential Leadership Team

We’re proud to announce that Fusion Marketing has won the 2013 Ex Award for Best Production of a Consumer Event for our work on the Bud Light Hotel.  That makes us 1-for-1 in awards competitions, and, frankly, we can’t wait to share what this program is all about. Here’s a look into how one of our favorite experiential marketing events came together.

The Task

Everyone fought to get into the brainstorm when Bud Light first asked us to create the campaign, which ultimately became the Bud Light Hotel. Our challenge: replace a stand-alone concert event with a fully integrated brand experience during the largest and noisiest marketing time of the year – Super Bowl weekend.

In a nutshell, we had the chance to help throw one of the biggest parties, for one of the biggest brands at one of the biggest events on the planet.

This wasn’t just about creating a great experiential marketing campaign – this was about creating the experiential marketing campaign. Of course everyone in the Fusion Marketing offices wanted to work on it.


we had the chance to help throw one of the biggest parties, for one of the biggest brands, at one of the biggest events on the planet


The Solution

We wanted to capture all the hoopla of Super Bowl weekend in a single venue, brand the entire thing, and invite consumers for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This was Bud Light. During Super Bowl weekend. It had to be big.

Bud Light Hotel has had a presence at four Super Bowls and a BCS Championship since its launch in 2010, and we’ve enjoyed leading the charge each year more than the last. That said, the basic formula hasn’t changed.

Here’s how it works: Bud Light takes over an entire hotel for five days and converts it into an official Bud Light party space. We resurface parking lots, use temporary flooring and fill rooms with high-end audio/visual equipment. We’re not talking about a few banners here there – everything in the hotel gets branded. Literally (see photos).

Fusion Marketing Bud Light Hotel

The Hotel becomes the hub for entertainment, concerts, parties and constant brand interaction. Each night, Bud Light Hotel hosts thousands of consumers and celebrity guests. We also work closely with strategic partners and sponsors to bring in national acts who each put on epic, unforgettable performances.

Fusion Marketing Bud Light Hotel

The 2013 event alone included concerts from Stevie Wonder, Pitbull, The Eli Young Band, Lil’ Wayne, Gary Clark Jr., Big Boi and Flo Rida. Paul McCartney showed up. EA Sports and Rolling Stone both sponsored their own parties at Bud Light Hotel. And we promoted the campaign on a national retail level by creating thousands of pieces of off- and on-premise materials.

That whole “Make it big” requirement? Check.

Fusion Marketing Bud Light Hotel

Fusion Marketing Bud Light Hotel