While we were partying it up last week we missed out on some pretty crazy things, including Kim Kardashian’s butt and apparently less interestingly, landing on a comet. So what went down this week?

Snapchat introduced Snapcash. In a deal with Square Cash, the app now allows you to send money to your friends (provided they also have the Square Cash app themselves). If recent Snapchat security issues have you feeling a little apprehensive, you may be comforted to know that Square Cash will be the one handling your information.


image via Snapchat

Facebook is cracking down yet again on brand pages. Access to newsfeeds was throttled big time at the beginning of the year, and it looks like organic reach for brands’ promotional content will take another big hit starting in 2015.

Uber is under fire for privacy and ethics concerns surrounding the company culture. Since its inception it seemed like the startup could do no wrong, but public sentiment is on the downturn. Users are flocking in droves to articles instructing them on how to delete their accounts with the service.

Finally, “Vape” was declared Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, beating out competitors like “normcore” and “slacktivism”.

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