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If you’ve spent any time on social media between now and last night, there is no doubt that you have encountered “The Dress”, formed a really strong opinion about it, and probably spent a good chunk of your morning defending that opinion, and maybe even attempted some real-time marketing. But plenty more was happening online this week, so let’s ditch The Dress for a moment and refresh our memories.

Some of the biggest news this week was the FCC’s ruling in favor of net neutrality. If you’re unfamiliar with net neutrality, and the controversy surrounding it, it’s essentially the principle that Internet Service Providers should treat all Internet traffic the same way. Basically, the FCC’s ruling puts a ban on “paid prioritization” (for example, a third party like Facebook could pay the ISP to provide you with speedier access to their site than a competitor like Twitter, meaning Facebook would load faster and more reliably). Supporters of net neutrality argue that this sort of prioritization would leave start-ups and small businesses stuck in an “internet slow lane”. Net neutrality definitely has it’s opponents, mainly the big ISPs like Comcast and Verizon, but for now the victory goes to those in favor of keeping it neutral.

This week was also big for smart watches. Pebble unveiled their latest product, Pebble Time, on Kickstarter Tuesday. It smashed Kickstarter records, raising it’s first $1 million in under an hour. The current pledge amount is over $11 million.


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Competitor Apple Watch‘s first major advertising push comes in the form of a slick 12-page spread in March’s issue of Vogue. The approach is interesting: to treat the device like a piece of expensive jewelry rather than focusing on it’s features and capabilities.


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Last, but certainly not least, KFC is developing a coffee cup that you can eat. Ecologically responsible and delicious.