Welcome back to Last Call. Fall is finally (already?) here, so grab the pumpkin flavored beverage of your choice and read up on what you might have missed this week.

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I can’t stop writing about iPhone 6. It’s not my fault, really. They bend, because they are so thin (and by “they” I mean approximately 10 of the iPhone 6 Plus models in total). The Internet caught wind of this and lost their collective minds. They called it Bendgate. Brands on Twitter were on it like white on rice. Apple anti-fans had a field day. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion, like basically everything else ever. But even a bent iPhone 6 looks less weird to me than the new Blackberry Passport.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.39.37 PM

Speaking of things that look pretty but don’t function properly: there is a new social media site on the scene and it’s generating a lot of buzz this week. The site is called Ello.

The combination of sleek chic aesthetics, pro-privacy and anti-advertising manifesto, and the current “invite-only” (for beta testing) exclusivity seem to have struck the right cord with users. The site has been around without much attention for some months now, but when the recent protesting LGBT Facebook users started migrating to the platform, it saw a huge uptick in publicity. Over the past few days, servers have been overloaded by the overwhelming influx of invite requests. How can it handle this much traffic without generating any revenue? How long will the “good guy” manifesto hold up? Will people stop caring about it altogether when they manage to procure an invite and the mystery is gone (as was my personal experience)? The general outlook is one of pessimism, and I can’t say I disagree. It seems a bit too cool for it’s own good, but we’ll see.

There is one thing I am never pessimistic about, however, and that thing is dogs. Dogs are adorable and amazing, full stop. KLM airlines are harnessing that adorable and amazing power in a new campaign: the airline touts a beagle named Sherlock who will track you down by your scent to return your lost items in the airport. If this were real I would leave the entire contents of my carry-on on the plane, but sadly Sherlock is not a permanent member of the team; he exists for marketing purposes only. Either way, the video is adorable.