Last Call

Welcome to Last Call, the blog post formerly known as Fusion’s Weekly Rundown. New look, same great flavor.

It’s time to get in some last minute reading before we all shut our brains off for 48 hours:

First thing’s first: Facebook went down this morning for almost an hour and the Internet was in full-on panic mode within about 30 seconds. It was literally breaking news. Dismayed and confused, the world turned to the only two places that make sense: Twitter, and their local law enforcement. Not an overreaction at all, in my opinion.

Speaking of Twitter, let’s talk about Charmin. Specifically: the brand’s Twitter strategy. Even more specifically: this “topical” tweet from Wednesday. A toilet paper brand tweeting about Uranus is possibly one of the best-case scenarios I can imagine. Guardians of the Galaxy should be pretty good, too.

In totally unrelated news, St. Louis business journal published an article this week about Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square and King of Tech in our fair city. They went behind-the-scenes with him at his glassblowing factory, Third Degree. It’s inspiring to know that someone as busy as he is can still find time to indulge in creative passions outside of work, even if it’s only a few hours a week. Follow your dreams people!

And on that note, this past week we said “bon voyage” to one of our most passionate and creative creatives. Being the extremely cool person that she is, art director Lee is off on a yearlong excursion around the globe. We wish her great luck and happiness on her adventures, and look forward to hearing all of her awesome stories.