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Unless you’ve been living under an e-rock, you’ve seen at least one Ice Bucket Challenge online this week. Maybe you’ve even done your own (in which case: yay you!) For those who don’t know, the Ice-Bucket Challenge is a funds and awareness raising campaign for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Participants record themselves… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call! Let’s take a quick look at this week in industry news: TGISW! (Shark Week) What is it about Shark Week that makes it such a beloved TV institution? People seriously go nuts over Shark Week. It breaks cable viewership records left and right. It blows up on social networking. How… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call. Let’s get started: Possibly the biggest industry-related thing going down this week was the reveal of the new Foursquare app. Most notably: there are no more check-ins. Check-ins used to be Foursquare’s hallmark feature, but it’s been done away with (there’s a new app for that). To replace the feature… Read more »

Last Call

Welcome to Last Call, the blog post formerly known as Fusion’s Weekly Rundown. New look, same great flavor. It’s time to get in some last minute reading before we all shut our brains off for 48 hours: First thing’s first: Facebook went down this morning for almost an hour and the Internet was in full-on… Read more »

Fusion’s Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday everyone! A lot went down this week, so we’ve taken the liberty of finding all the coolest stuff for you. Impress your friends this weekend with some industry related knowledge.  World Cup Stuff The social media dust is finally settling after a month-long whirlwind of hashtags and hashflags. There was an impressive amount… Read more »

Advertising in the Age of Google Glass

Google Glass is still a largely inaccessible technology, with a small release limited to a select group of “explorers”, and a $1,500 price tag. However, the devices will allegedly be available to the public sometime later this year. Early analysis suggests that it will become a mainstream product, with an $11 billion market by 2018…. Read more »

Cabo Wabo Schools Consumers On How To Party Like a Rock Star.

This past summer, Cabo Wabo tequila wanted to give consumers a first-hand experience of what it really means to live like a rock star. Enter the Cabo Wabo Rock ’N Awe Tour, an epic journey that tours three cities in just three days. Eight lucky winners partied it up aboard their own tour bus as… Read more »

Who really benefits from Facebook’s new promotions guidelines?

Last week Facebook updated its Page Terms to allow businesses to run promotions directly on their Timelines. Whereas brands had previously been required to use third-party apps to administer contests, giveaways, sweepstakes – whatever you want to call them – they can now simply post a promotion, gather entries via likes, comments, and shares, and… Read more »

A Super Bowl Celebration with Bud Light

Fusion Marketing Experiential Award

We’re proud to announce that Fusion Marketing has won the 2013 Ex Award for Best Production of a Consumer Event for our work on the Bud Light Hotel.  That makes us 1-for-1 in awards competitions, and, frankly, we can’t wait to share what this program is all about. Here’s a look into how one of… Read more »

How the Big Data Push Will Cause Even Bigger Privacy Concerns

Last week the California Right to Know data access bill, aka AB 1291, was successfully pushed back another two years. It’s a win for the techies, but a major loss for the half a dozen watchdog groups and consumers, who supported the Big Data act. Not surprisingly, they fell flat under the $15 million-plus the… Read more »