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Last Call

  If you’ve spent any time on social media between now and last night, there is no doubt that you have encountered “The Dress”, formed a really strong opinion about it, and probably spent a good chunk of your morning defending that opinion, and maybe even attempted some real-time marketing. But plenty more was happening… Read more »


This week, Taco Bell had both a trick and a treat for its fans: on Tuesday, the brand went dark on social media to promote its new mobile ordering app. It’s a ballsy move: Taco Bell is well known for their successful social media presence and they have a huge following of the most prized… Read more »


As Halloween approaches, we are in full-tilt Pumpkin Spice madness. You can’t move an inch on the internet without seeing some article or listicle or think piece about, in opposition to, and in defense of, the Pumpkin Spice Latte and all the various pumpkin spice offerings that have come in its wake. This week, Starbucks… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call. While you were recovering from your Labor Day weekend festivities, I was tirelessly (sort of) keeping up with the latest in industry news and happenings. Here’s what’s been going down: Last week I briefly mentioned Snapchat, and the growing need to address the platform as part of social media strategies… Read more »


Happy Friday everyone! Who’s pumped for the three-day weekend? I know I am. But first, there’s one piece of business to attend to: Fusion is looking for an application developer! Our digital team is pretty awesome; so if you’ve got the experience, the skills, and are also pretty awesome (or know someone who is) hit… Read more »

Fusion Weekly Rundown

It’s Friday again already? Party! But first, let’s review this week in stuff: Digital Stuff Kim Kardashian created an app (ok, not Kim personally, but you know what I mean). It is addicting. Really, really addicting. I had it myself for a while but deleted it because I knew it was going to be too… Read more »

Fusion’s Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday everyone! A lot went down this week, so we’ve taken the liberty of finding all the coolest stuff for you. Impress your friends this weekend with some industry related knowledge.  World Cup Stuff The social media dust is finally settling after a month-long whirlwind of hashtags and hashflags. There was an impressive amount… Read more »

Advertising in the Age of Google Glass

Google Glass is still a largely inaccessible technology, with a small release limited to a select group of “explorers”, and a $1,500 price tag. However, the devices will allegedly be available to the public sometime later this year. Early analysis suggests that it will become a mainstream product, with an $11 billion market by 2018…. Read more »

A Super Bowl Celebration with Bud Light

Fusion Marketing Experiential Award

We’re proud to announce that Fusion Marketing has won the 2013 Ex Award for Best Production of a Consumer Event for our work on the Bud Light Hotel.  That makes us 1-for-1 in awards competitions, and, frankly, we can’t wait to share what this program is all about. Here’s a look into how one of… Read more »