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While we were partying it up last week we missed out on some pretty crazy things, including Kim Kardashian’s butt and apparently less interestingly, landing on a comet. So what went down this week? Snapchat introduced Snapcash. In a deal with Square Cash, the app now allows you to send money to your friends (provided… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call. Fall is finally (already?) here, so grab the pumpkin flavored beverage of your choice and read up on what you might have missed this week. We don’t bend, we #break. #bendgate #iPhone6plus — KITKAT (@KITKAT) September 24, 2014   real-time marketing GOLD I can’t stop writing about iPhone 6…. Read more »

How the Big Data Push Will Cause Even Bigger Privacy Concerns

Last week the California Right to Know data access bill, aka AB 1291, was successfully pushed back another two years. It’s a win for the techies, but a major loss for the half a dozen watchdog groups and consumers, who supported the Big Data act. Not surprisingly, they fell flat under the $15 million-plus the… Read more »