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Welcome back to Last Call. Let’s skip the small talk and get right to it: I know that last week I promised I wouldn’t write about Apple again. I am about to break that promise. Today is the release date of the iPhone 6, and people make a big deal about it. I have to… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call. It was an exciting week for fans of Apple: they held their 2014 Keynote this past Tuesday. Even if you aren’t a fanboy (or girl), it’s undeniable that their product releases create quite a stir, and are a good indication of what tech trends will catch on in the mainstream…. Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call. While you were recovering from your Labor Day weekend festivities, I was tirelessly (sort of) keeping up with the latest in industry news and happenings. Here’s what’s been going down: Last week I briefly mentioned Snapchat, and the growing need to address the platform as part of social media strategies… Read more »


Happy Friday everyone! Who’s pumped for the three-day weekend? I know I am. But first, there’s one piece of business to attend to: Fusion is looking for an application developer! Our digital team is pretty awesome; so if you’ve got the experience, the skills, and are also pretty awesome (or know someone who is) hit… Read more »


Unless you’ve been living under an e-rock, you’ve seen at least one Ice Bucket Challenge online this week. Maybe you’ve even done your own (in which case: yay you!) For those who don’t know, the Ice-Bucket Challenge is a funds and awareness raising campaign for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Participants record themselves… Read more »


Welcome back to Last Call! Let’s take a quick look at this week in industry news: TGISW! (Shark Week) What is it about Shark Week that makes it such a beloved TV institution? People seriously go nuts over Shark Week. It breaks cable viewership records left and right. It blows up on social networking. How… Read more »

Last Call

Welcome to Last Call, the blog post formerly known as Fusion’s Weekly Rundown. New look, same great flavor. It’s time to get in some last minute reading before we all shut our brains off for 48 hours: First thing’s first: Facebook went down this morning for almost an hour and the Internet was in full-on… Read more »

Fusion Weekly Rundown

It’s Friday again already? Party! But first, let’s review this week in stuff: Digital Stuff Kim Kardashian created an app (ok, not Kim personally, but you know what I mean). It is addicting. Really, really addicting. I had it myself for a while but deleted it because I knew it was going to be too… Read more »

Fusion’s Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday everyone! A lot went down this week, so we’ve taken the liberty of finding all the coolest stuff for you. Impress your friends this weekend with some industry related knowledge.  World Cup Stuff The social media dust is finally settling after a month-long whirlwind of hashtags and hashflags. There was an impressive amount… Read more »

Bluetooth Beacons

You probably use Bluetooth every day. Your ability to talk on your phone through your car’s speakers, your wireless mouse, wireless headphones and your iPhone’s wireless hotspots are utilizing Bluetooth technology. It’s nothing new, and really a basic standard in the world of device connectivity. Right now, while you’re reading this, your phone is sitting on… Read more »