Welcome back to Last Call. It was an exciting week for fans of Apple: they held their 2014 Keynote this past Tuesday. Even if you aren’t a fanboy (or girl), it’s undeniable that their product releases create quite a stir, and are a good indication of what tech trends will catch on in the mainstream. They packed a lot of information into a few hours (with a glitchy live-stream), so there may be some things you missed. Let’s recap:


image via Gizmodo

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

Apple finally gave in and created a larger phone, catching up to other brands like Samsung, who had done so a while ago. The 6 comes in at 4.7 inches, and the 6+ a whopping 5.5. It’s also quite a bit thinner and more powerful with a longer battery life and some cool updates to the camera, among other things. Along with the new phone comes a new iOS update, iOS 8.

Apple Pay

Apple also announced the introduction of Apple Pay, a one-touch payment system that aims to completely replace your wallet. You can pay via the iPhone in stores and online by storing your credit card information to Passbook. The Apple Pay system is already accepted at 220,000 different retailers, and that number will continue to grow

Apple Watch

Just last week I wrote about the release of the Moto 360, Motorola’s new, round smartwatch, and after much speculation, Apple has joined the fray and released their own: the Apple Watch. It isn’t round, but it certainly isn’t as ugly as some of the wearables that came before it. If you’re into having a phone on your wrist, these are pretty cool. It knows when you’re wearing it, and gently taps you when you have an incoming message. You can yell into it to get info from Siri. It will also act as a pretty good fitness tracker, as it can monitor your heart rate. What’s really cool about Apple’s smart watch is the innovation of the Digital Crown. They took the crown of a regular wristwatch (the little dial on the side used to set the time) and reimagined it as a way to navigate on the watch without having to obstruct the display. Now that Apple has thrown their own watch into the ring, wearables may become more mainstream, if not exactly fashionable (yet).

curse you Tim Cook

They closed the presentation with a performance by U2, whose new album they awkwardly forced on anyone who has their iCloud settings set to “auto-download”. So far almost no one seems impressed by this.

The new phone is set to go on sale next Friday the 19th, but I promise I won’t dedicate another blog post to it.