Brad Harris went to CES and his team pulled a prank out of jealousy

Here at Fusion, we like to keep up to date on the latest in tech, which is why we sent our VP of Technology, Brad Harris, to the biggest technology trade show of the year–CES.

Unfortunately for Brad, the rest of his development team is back at the office seething with jealousy. Without their leader around, they decided to get revenge by crafting the perfect prank and building the #FusionGun.

It’s simple, whenever you tweet with the hashtag #FusionGun, packing peanuts will be blown into Brad’s office and streamed via webcam for your viewing pleasure. (As an added bonus, Brad’s helplessly watching his office get wrecked from afar.)

We’ve only got until Monday to pack his office, so get to tweeting!

Note: Are you a developer seeking a new opportunity? Do you enjoy using your skills to pull pranks on unsuspecting coworkers? If so, Fusion Marketing is hiring! Email or tweet us at @fusion_mktg for more information.