Fusion’s Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday everyone! A lot went down this week, so we’ve taken the liberty of finding all the coolest stuff for you. Impress your friends this weekend with some industry related knowledge.

 World Cup Stuff

The social media dust is finally settling after a month-long whirlwind of hashtags and hashflags. There was an impressive amount of tweeting going on. Record breaking amounts, as a matter of fact. When Germany won it all, Twitter saw 618,725 TPM (Tweets Per Minute), the highest number ever recorded. And Twitter wasn’t alone: Facebook has hailed the 2014 World Cup as the largest event of any type in the social network’s history: reporting over 1 billion World Cup related posts by early July.

Digital Stuff

There’s good news this week for anyone who wishes they could Just Put the Computer in Their Face Already and Get it Over With: Google is getting closer and closer to releasing a real, working smart lens. The tech giant is teaming up with pharmaceutical company Novartis to create a digital contact lens that would be able to monitor blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. The readings would be near constant, and could send alerts to the patient’s smartphone in the event of dangerously high or low levels. Sweet.

Design Stuff

Airbnb, the somewhat controversial granddaddy of the “share economy”, unveiled their shiny new brand identity this past week. The Twitterverse had some good, not-so-clean fun at the company’s expense, because everyone on the Internet is a teenaged boy. Genitalia aside, it’s definitely an improvement on all fronts, and [SPOILER ALERT] it looks the company is ready to take over more than just your apartment.

Art Stuff

This week, we lost beloved American painter Cy Twombly. Again.

For completely mysterious reasons, a 2011 New York Times article announcing the death of the artist began re-circulating on Facebook and Twitter, throwing the Internet into a super-delayed state of mourning. RIP reading comprehension.

Fusion Stuff

If you were in Boy Scouts, you remember participating in the pinewood derby. But pinewood cars aren’t just for kids anymore. We built a couple of our own and raced them this past Thursday against other St. Louis agencies at the annual Coolfire Pinewood Derby. This year’s theme was “The Wolves of Wood Street.” Our cars lost, but it was hard not to feel like a winner after such a fun-packed night surrounded by all of our peers. We’ll get ‘em next time! Check out our entries:

car1“Now with wheels!”car2“If the glove don’t fit”