This week, Taco Bell had both a trick and a treat for its fans: on Tuesday, the brand went dark on social media to promote its new mobile ordering app. It’s a ballsy move: Taco Bell is well known for their successful social media presence and they have a huge following of the most prized of demographics: millennials. To completely wipe out their Twitter and Instagram feeds and move their 1 million+ followers to an unbranded account, even if only for a few days, would scare the crap out of lesser brands. But it’s precisely these kinds of bold, irreverent moves that hook millennials and keep them engaged. While the sites were wiped, they promoted messaging that drove their followers to an app download link.

The app itself is pretty cool.  The design is slick and visual heavy. It allows users to create custom meals with almost limitless customizable options, then order and pay for said meals in the app from anywhere. As you approach the nearest Taco Bell location, your phone can “check-in” with the restaurant to let them know you’re on the way, and whatever Frankenstein monster tacos you’ve created will be ready and waiting for you to pick up.


They returned to their branded handle in time for the holiday

Speaking of social media, plenty of other brands are jumping on the Halloween bandwagon (as they do for every holiday, large event, or for any reason at all) with varying degrees of success.

The award for most clever use of Instagram has to go to Target, who constructed an interactive neighborhood called “Halloween Hills” utilizing Instagram’s photo tagging feature. Each picture has two tags, one for “trick” (which leads to a fun DIY project) and one for “treat” (which leads to a Halloween-themed recipe). It combines everything good about social media into one successful campaign: it’s visually pleasing, it’s engaging, it’s fun, and it pays off with something of tangible value to the consumer.

And the award for hashtag most likely to be hijacked has to go to Arby’s and their vaguely inappropriate #TrickOrMeat campaign.That hashtag alone is pretty funny, but the payout is the (bacon flavored) icing on the cake: say “trick or meat” when you order and you can get free bacon on whatever you want.


I’ll leave you with some excellent pumpkins, because why not. Happy Halloween.