First there was Thanksgiving. Then there was Black Friday. Then there was Cyber Monday. And now: Giving Tuesday.

I hadn’t really heard of Giving Tuesday until this year, but it’s safe to say it’s definitely becoming a thing. And that’s a great thing. It’s also right in line with all the research on millennials that says this upcoming generation loves their social causes.

Arby’s landed in some hot water with Pepsi this week when it was revealed to them that they had failed to deliver on their deal to prominently feature Pepsi in at least two of their advertisements. To make it up to them, Arby’s created this beautiful ad. The stunt paid off and the ad vent viral. Consumers love brands with a sense of humor and who aren’t afraid of a little TMI.

Google revealed this week that CAPTCHA is getting a makeover, and it looks pretty cool. Apparently robots are getting just as good as humans at distinguishing those warped letters and numbers. They are also processing your Amazon holiday purchases. They might even be poised to take over the world, causing the ultimate destruction of humanity.


image via TechRadar

But on a lighter, more delicious note, Girl Scout cookie ordering has moved online, so technology can’t be all bad.